Capital District Women's
Employment & Resource Center
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About WERC

The Capital District Women's Employment and Resource Center (WERC) helping women succeed for over 29 years!

WERC is a private, not-for-profit organization that works to advance women's success in the workplace by building their economic and personal independence.

Since 1988, WERC has provided quality workforce development services to more than 7,000 women from both Albany and Rensselaer Counties who have lost their source of income upon the death, divorce, separation, disability, or dislocation of a spouse or who are single mothers.

WERC's Graduates

WERC's Graduates - On Their Way to Success!

Each year over 300 program participants receive more than 2,700 FREE services including career readiness and computer training, job search and placement assistance, and ongoing supportive services.

WERC's Graduates - On Their Way to Success!

WERC has a proven track record of assisting women in the Capital Region, improving economic opportunities and providing excellence in workforce development. They leave the program with enhanced qualifications, skills, self-confidence,and a deep commitment to achieving excellence in their chosen workplace. With your support WERC changes lives, enriches families and benefits our communities.

Staff and supporters - Thank you for Helping our Women Upgrade their Skills and Find Employment!

Companies Who Hired WERC Graduates

Many well-known and respected companies in the Capital District hire WERC graduates. Among them are:

Albany Medical Center, Bellevue Women's Hospital, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, CDTA, CSC, Davis Vision, DeCresente Beverages, Empire Blue Cross, Farm Family, First Health, Greyhound Publishing, NYS Assembly, OGS-NYS, Unity House, Value Options, and the Capital District Women's Employment & Resource Center.

Congratulations to all the WERC graduates
who are on the path to success!