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Since 1988, WERC has helped women successfully find or improve their employment and their quality of life. WERC, one of the 13 NYS Displaced Homemaker Centers, has provided classes and workforce development services to over 7,000 women regardless of financial need or educational achievements.

Last year, over 300 women received free assistance including 272 classes and over 2,700 individual and group workforce training services. WERC also provided 79 FREE bus passes and 110 FREE clothing vouchers. Over 55 percent of these women are already working in careers of their choice and/or pursing higher education.

Please share your success story with us through this link and I will post them with your name and city of residence. I will also send a copy to our Governor, your Senators, and your Assembly Members and let them know we need State funding to continue serving women in need.

Thank you for your anticipated overwhelming support.
Elizabeth M. Miller, PHR, WERC Executive Director

June 2011 graduating class

CDWERC 2011 graduates,
Government Dignitaries and WERC staff


Testimonials from WERC Graduates

Donna M. Villanova - I feel that WERC has helped me to improve my computer skills and customer service skills as well as understanding what it takes to have a successful interview and how to be a success in today's business world. These instructors and their guests take the time to make each person feel important by showing them their strengths and improving on their weaknesses. The ladies who work at WERC are dedicated to help the women who come to WERC to improve themselves, so that they can find a job position that will improve their families' home life and future opportunities that can happen for them.

Charleen Sanders - I support WERC for the wonderful work they do for all of us. They have taught me how to move on with my life and how to overcome my fear. With the support that I have received and the great customer service and computers classes that I took, it showed me I can do just about anything in life. I did just that I am now a student going to school for my LPN and recently graduated as a Medical Assistant and received my diploma. So I want to say please keep this going for us women. There isn't much out there for us. For the ladies who wants to change their lives around. So please keep our classes going, these ladies needs our help... Thank you.

Mary Salica - WERC was a great help to me when my world turned upside down when my husband was told he would be laid off. I was a stay at home mom with a part-time job. My computer skills were very limited and I hadn't had a full time job in 10 years. WERC helped me update my computer skills, gain confidence and learn how to apply for a job in this new decade. I greatly appreciate all their help and now I have a job with the Federal Government working with the TSA. Thanks again for the help! I would not be the same employee today if it wasn't for their boost of confidence and skills sharpening.

Laura Sawyer - I am a graduate of the WERC program, if I had not received the assistance and the excellent training I received, from Beth, Marj and Kim, I would have not been qualified to apply and obtain the Office Assistant position, I received at Property Damage Appraisers in Albany NY in February, 2012. Without the additional computer training, and the revamping of my resume I would be still searching for employment, I also appreciate the lifting of my self-esteem and self-confidence I now have in myself that I never had before. I cannot say enough good comments for the Staff at WERC and the programs I was offered. I hope these programs continue to help other women, in the future.

Gail A. June - I attended the training program at WERC this past Spring, after being out of work for over a year. WERC gave me the opportunity to improve my computer skills, which was very valuable to me, as I was seeking employment in the Administrative Assistant field. Also, the staff at WERC assisted me in revising my resume, which I strongly believe help me in my job search. I am happy to say that I am current working and I truly believe with the assistance of WERC I was able to get back to work. It was within two weeks after I finish my training that I found a job utilizing the wonderful resume the staff at WERC help me revise! In my opinion, if it weren't for this program, I would not have found employment so quickly. This program is essential to women who are moving back into the workforce. The staff is supportive and professional. Thank you for your continued support of this wonderful program.

Judy Boucher - The WERC Customer Service class taught me so much! I improved and reinforced my computer skills, created an impressive resume, crafted cover letters specific to each job, and developed an eye-catching business card. This could not have been accomplished without the dedication and experience of all the women involved in this wonderful program. I really looked forward to class each day, to learning, as well as being with a great group of women making this an enjoyable experience. This program gave me a purpose (and a stylish wardrobe) when I was beginning to wonder if I would ever find a good job. At my last interview, I believe I impressed the interviewer when I handed her my business card ? and three days after that, I was offered a full-time position, close to my home! I think this program should be made available to more women ? we need all the help we can get. Kudos to you all ?

Alexandra Palmer - The continuous support, training and job search opportunities have been a vital source of help and hope for all of us!

Marsha Carlson -There is nothing quite like the Displaced Homemaker Program at the Women's Employment and Resource Center available anywhere. WERC operates a program that prepares women who have been out of the workplace to re-enter it with the skills and tools to reclaim their independence. The attitude of the staff at WERC is probably the greatest asset of the program. Everyone at WERC models a way of approaching the job search that inspires confidence and encourages perseverance. Displaced homemakers are very much in need of this kind of support. Women who graduate from WERC are able find employment and to contribute to their local communities making the program a good investment for New York State with clear benefits that are exponential. Helping a woman get back to work affects not only herself but her entire family. Please find a way keep this cost effective program in the state budget.

Susan Brown - It has been crucial for me in that I have been retrained with employable skills from their assistance.

Ruth Thompsen, Rensselaer - The Women's Employment and Resource Center has been a great inspiration in my life. When I became divorced, the work situation became a personal disaster. WERC helped me to re-evaluate my skills, create a new resume, re-invent my direction and gave much needed positive support. This program is an invaluable asset to women who want to become contributing members of the workforce, and has helped me step into a new part-time position that is a transitional step in my career. Please let more women have this great opportunity!

Jamie Lucey, Troy - There are so many reasons that this program should without question be supported. The program did so much for me that I still refer or pull out the binder with all my notes and references to this day. I have recently been laid off from my job and used some of the information I learned in this class (Resume) and my first day of posting received two calls. The people who teach this program are not just there to get as a job, they are real people who you can confide in and know that the information they give you is useful information not just wasteful words. This program along with the people involved will stay with you through out any job, or employment you search and successfully attain. WERC is NOT a waste, its investment to a better future!!!

Kathleen M. Kennedy, Cohoes - I cannot say Thank You enough for all of the help that WERC did for me. All of the classes that I took for refreshing myself on computer skills truly helped me and I especially loved that they helped me with learning some interviewing skills. That part of the course truly put a lot of confidence in me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Whenever I get a chance to recommend this class to someone I do, because I know in my heart it will benefit them greatly. I cannot express enough, my gratitude to WERC for how helpful this course was for me, and to future students to come. The sense of accomplishment it gave me when I graduated from this course was the GREATEST feeling ever!

Karen Kord, Clifton Park - I was laid off from my arts job at age of 55. I wanted to work in an office setting, but had no computer skills. I contacted WERC and became a student of their programs. I can not express my thankfulness enough to the staff who patiently taught classes in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as interview training and resume writing. I am now a secretary at a middle school. I could not have done it without the help of the staff at WERC! Many, many thanks. I hope that funding for WERC programs can continue.

Phillamena Williams, Albany, WERC Customer Service Graduate - When I responded to an ad in the papers in April of this year, I thought that I was going to a job placement program. I was in no way prepared for the reception and warmth that was extended to me. I recently moved to Albany and was totally lost as to how to go about getting back into the workforce. WERC proved to be the best phone call I ever I ever made. They not only guided me through all the avenues that I needed to achieve my goal, they went above and beyond in making certain I had all the self confidence that I needed. I graduated their Customer service Training Program and was still allowed to take further classes. They helped me with my resume and with applying for jobs online and going to job fairs, they even made certain that I had clothing for my interview and for work. As a result of WERC's input into my life, my life has drastically changed. I went from a lost displaced house wife with no where to turn to a confident independent woman. I now have a job, a very good job, making decent money. I am enrolled in nursing school starting Sept 1, 2010. I am also more than half way to getting my drivers' license through ACAP a program WERC introduced me to. Without WERC in my life I do not know where I would be right now. The service that they provide for women like me is invaluable and I thank God everyday for WERC in my life that has been completely changed. I appeal to all that financially support this organization, please continue to support them, your support is allowing them to make the tremendous difference in many women's lives.

Sandra LaPlante, Westerlo, WERC Customer Service Graduate - I became a Displaced Homemaker that had been out of the work world for a long time, so when it came to trying to apply for a job, my skills were very outdated. As an individual that has taken part in the WERC program, the program is greatly beneficial. I was given the opportunity to take part in the programs they provided; customer service training, Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Through these programs my skills became more enhanced. This program has helped me to go from a "stay at home Mom" to a professional working woman that is able to support herself and her family. I am currently employed at well known company in Albany, as an Administrative Assistant, for the past 5 years. I believe with out this program I would not be where I am today. There are so many women out there that are in the same situation that I was, that will benefit from this program. I truly am grateful for what the WERC staff has done to help me get to where I am today, without them, I don't know what I would have done. Still to this day, I keep in touch with staff members and help out when I can. Please don't cut these services out. It would be a big mistake!!

Norine A. Kenny, Clifton Park - Looking for a job is a job itself. The class that WERC conducts provides the tools that you need to get a job - from researching job openings, preparing your resume and cover letter to interviewing (tips) as well as dressing for the interview. They provide encouragement and build your confidence. I am thankful that they offered this program. WERC provides the tools for us to obtain a job and be self-supporting.

Bernice Hopkins - I would like to say how the WERC program helped me and what an absolutely vital, important program it is. When I enrolled in the program I was 54 years old and collecting Unemployment. Sure, I had a college degree:but, it was from 1978. I was really out of touch with new technology in terms of essential job skills and even completing on-line applications. If I had to attach a resume that was the end of applying for that job. I just did not know how! That is a small thing, but it was one of the many,many practical things I learned at WERC. I was able to re-vamp my resume and learn Access and PowerPoint among other things.The end result is that I now have not one, but two excellent jobs.I pay a good amount of taxes now which I don't even mind because taxpayers' money helped me when I needed it. I put money I earn back into the economy. It just makes sense to have the WERC program continue! I will always be grateful for their help.

Tammy Layton - This program has helped me find the job of my dreams. It was also a great self esteem booster for me. Without the staff and their help I wouldn't be as successful today as I am. Please don't let this program get cut. There are too many women out there who need their help.

Melvis Twum-Barima, WERC Customer Service Graduate - I support the Women's Employment & Resources Center. I lost my job and I needed career readiness for my job search. The experience and satisfaction that I received from the program was amazing. I thank the staff for their understanding and dedication.

Marika - I am truly appreciating all the help and training I have received from Marjorie and her whole staff. Because of their support I was able to find a place I enjoy to work. Thank you ladies and I hope you will be able to give help to a lot more women.

Teri, WERC Customer Service Graduate - Taking this course was a wonderful experience. The topics, along with the instruction has better prepared me and helped build my confidence. I am very impressed by the level of dedication exhibited by the WERC staff.

Fran - Good Morning! I just wanted to let everyone know that I excepted a job offer on Friday. I will be working for James Leone Insurance(StateFarm). Now I'm working hard studying to get my insurance license. I also want to say Thank You to all the ladies at WERC. The training and support that I received there is greatly appreciated. I'm hoping that when I get on my feet financially, that I can make a donation to help others as I have been helped. Thank You again!

Susan - I was very fortunate to have reached out to you during my job search and truly thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for you efforts on my behalf.

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